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General Accounting Division

General Accounting

  • Operations:  Responsible for the review and approval of all financial transactions within the County’s Enterprise Financial System to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting.  Re-issuance of lost, stale dated, or forged warrants.  Distribute Prop 172 funding, Motor Vehicle License Fees (MVLF) revenue, and Citizens Option for Public Safety (COPS) funding.  Make certain Special District debt service payments.  Collect and report vendor data to meet the County’s EDD reporting requirements.
  • Vendor Codes:   Reviews, approves, and maintains active vendors for the payment process in PeopleSoft. Issues 1099 forms at calendar year end.
  • Capital Assets:   Review capital asset supporting documentation and verify transactions are recorded in Asset Management System. Issue capital asset tags.
  • Approve and Maintain Vendors 
  • Issue 1099’s
    Distribute Prop 172, MVLF, & COPS Funding
  • Issue and Pay County Warrants
  • Meet County EDD Reporting Requirements
  • Provide Accounting & Reporting Assistance  
  • Reissue Warrants
  • Review / Approve Financial Transactions

Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Collects, verifies, and compiles financial data to produce the County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial and the Popular Annual Financial Reports.  Maintain the PeopleSoft chart of accounts, reporting trees, and combination audit edits.  Reconcile cash between PeopleSoft and the Treasurer’s cash investment system.  Develop and monitor General Fund cash flows.  Estimate fiscal year end General Fund fund balances.  
  • Fiscal Year 2020:
  • Maintain PeopleSoft Configurations
  • Monitor the General Fund
  • Prepare the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Prepare the Popular Annual Financial Report
  • Provide Accounting & Reporting Assistance
  • Reconcile Cash