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  • Distribute Treasury Cash Receipts
  • Process Bi-Weekly Deposit of Payroll Taxes
  • Process California Employment Development Department (EDD) Deposits & Reports
  • Process CalPERS Retirement Payments & Reports
  • Process Claim Payment Authorizations
  • Process Direct Deposit Transmission & Reports
  • Process Earning Records
  • Process Employee Association Dues
  • Process Employee General Deductions
    • United States Savings Bonds
    • United Way
  • Process Garnishments
  • Process Journal Entries For Bi-Weekly Payroll General Ledger
  • Process Long Term Disability Payments (RSA)
  • Process Post Employment Plan Application Warrants (VEBA Special Pay)
  • Process Quarterly & Year-End Payroll Tax Reports (941 Form)
  • Process Riverside County Employees & Special District’s Employees (SD) Payroll
  • Process Short Term Disability Payments 
  • Process Termination/Final Pay Warrants
  • Process Worker-Compensation
  • Reconcile Payroll Trust Funds

The Payroll Division of the Auditor-Controller's Office is responsible for Payroll Processing, Payroll Accounting and Payroll Reconciliation. The Division is comprised of two units: The Central Payroll Unit and the Accounting / Reconciliation Unit.  The objective of the Central Payroll Unit is to process payroll timely and accurately. The function of the Payroll Accounting/Reconciliation Unit is to reconcile the Bi-Weekly Payrolls and maintain accurate records of all transaction relating to the payroll process.

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